Saturday, December 26, 2020

NYE Nails: How To Get Fab and Beautiful Nails for New Year's Eve - AT HOME

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Boxing Day!  I don't really know what that is - but - my good friend, from England, says it's the best day ever! She also, gifted me "It's A Wrap" nail polish strips from Color Street for Christmas.



 Oh so easy and oh so cute! Here in California, everything is still in lockdown.  There is no going to the hair salon or nail salon, only the Walmart or Home Depot. No, the nail salon inside Walmart is not open in my town. Sad. 

Normally I would spend a lot in December on salon visits for hair, nails, spa facials and then some - but - with the shut down, zip!

So how do you get party ready when you can't go out?  My gal pals, Deborah and Trinity made it really, really easy and affordable with these nail polish strips that you simply adhere to your nail. Done. Boom. No waiting! No mess! Nothin' but good looking shiny fancy nails for New Year's Eve!

You can get yours now in so many fun colors with crazy patterns or simple, basic solid shades. There is something for everybody. 

Get started easily with this link :

So what are your plans for NYE?

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