Tuesday, March 30, 2021

7th Heaven Super Food Blueberry Mud Mask review

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Sing it with me! "I'm leaving on a jet plan, don't know when I'll be back again..." ...actually, I am back. Oh what a wonderful trip it was to Texas. I knew the stress of travel and over packed schedule in Dallas would have my skin showing all of it, so I packed this wee mud mask made of blueberries in my bag.

I know how drying the plane can be and part of my wanted to put it on in the airplane bathroom. I did not. I chose to save it for after the longest day and before photos the next day. 

This mask is amazing. The smell is soft and blueberry'ish. The consistency of the mask is creamy though it dries down tight and quickly. I would say mine was done in about 20 minutes? I really enjoyed it and it made me "pause" for a moment, and rest in a busy schedule. After rinsing and drying my skin, it looked brighter, refreshed and radiant. Thanks blueberries and 7th Heaven! 

MakeupUniversity has long been a fan of the 7th Heaven line of skincare for it's commitment to sustainable sourcing of ingredients, natural approach to skincare and affordability! These lil' mask packs hover in the $1-2 range and are widely available at mass retailers like Walmart.

Thin enough to fit in your purse and sealed tight so it won't explode in a suit case during flight. It really helped and was a treat!

Mother's Day is coming up! My birthday in May for an at home spa treatment! - Virtual graduations and being camera ready! Then  on in to summer where hot days can make skin get oily and need a clay mask. So, when would now be a good time to try 7th Heaven?

This Amazon affiliate link will take you some 7th Heaven blueberry masks! 

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