Monday, June 21, 2021

7 Day Fitness Challenge - Are You In?

 Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Monday! Half way through 2021 - most of the way through June - how ya doin'?

How's your mental health? How is your physical health? Emotional health in check? 


One of the best self care tips for all of the above, is fitness. Would you join me in a 7 day fitness challenge? Something simple, easy, and can do from your house when the temperature outside is lava hot. 

Welcome to the new day. I'm glad you are here. If you are a subscriber, thank you! If you haven't subscribed yet, would ya? This week starts a 7 day fitness challenge to get up off the pandemic couch. 

One day, I'm doing hula hoop. Next day, zumba video off of YouTube. Then alternating back and forth between hula, zumba and that dance video I've seen a hundred times on Instagram. Speaking of the IG, please join me there for the Instagram reels proof of doing my daily fitness. 

It's been SO hot that between pandemic couch, heat, and stress, I have not done my normal routine. Time to kick it up a notch, do something different and boldly go where I have not gone before - in to the realm of hula hooping for fund, stress relief and fitness. 

Will you join me? I double dog dare you! 

 Links for you to use at your convenience - the channel I mention in the video, the IG and some happy prime day affiliate links! 

Weighted hula hoop 

Me on IG 

Amazon worker & YouTuber : Sheila Outside & Travel 

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