Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nutrastim Laser Hair Comb: my sample and review

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I just received a sample of the Nutrastim Laser Hair Comb with the hope that it will help my Hashimoto's thyroid disease ravaged hair.

So here's how it went down:

I received a sample of the Nutrastim Laser Hair Comb.
At first I didn't know how to use it and just ran it through my hair. Alas! I have read up on it online and now know to :
1) Part the hair, and slowly move the comb over the scalp
2) Use on clean hair but not wet hair or hair with alot of product buildup
3) The beep means it's time to move the comb!

To me it feels good, has a slightly warm and hint of tingle.
Now I will be using this 3 times a week, for the 8 minutes at a time, then report back here in 30 days.

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