Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sun Bum sunscreen for everyday use and bronzing lotion for a safe summer tan

Hi ya Gorgeous,

This long holiday weekend has many people out in the sun! You need to protect your skin and I"m guessing you are wearing something high in spf for the river and beach days, picnics and hullabaloos!

As you can son has been helping with the photos again.

For your every day sun protection, consider something like the Sun Bum spf 15-it has an amazing scent and is creamy and blends in to the skin easily.

 When you apply your sunscreen be sure and put it everywhere - sides of your neck, backs of your hands and everywhere in between!

To help you get your summer glow safely without sun exposure, try Sun Bum Natural Browning Lotion.

 A little dab goes a long way!

 The Sun Bum Natural Browning Lotion has a good mark of color so you can see where it goes on.

 I love Sun Bum products! Get some and have on hand for your summer adventures!
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