Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Get Spring Break Vegan Beauty

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This week on Makeup University I have some  healthy and natural skincare resources for you to help get your ready for Spring Break!

Woo hoo! I know my son is already planning the many ways he wants to spend his spring break days and I too have been thinking about how I am so looking forward to not having to do the mega commute that we do to school for him. Grace Grace!

So now, let me introduce you to Kneipp. This is a German skincare line that has been around for 125 years and has been a leader in holistic skincare.

I love the simplicity to the products and most importantly, the effectiveness! This truly is a skincare line for the whole family from babies to grand parents!

I took my samples with me on a snow play trip with my family and in this photo you see me holding the bottle of Arnica muscle rub and I'm here to tell you - it worked amazing and has a fresh herby scent - not a strong menthol scent.  It was effective on me and even my son enjoyed some of the Arnica oil on his sore legs!  Thank you Kneipp for making such great products. Note- it's pronounced KEN-NIPE!  So for spring break or an at home spa staycation, try some Kneipp for healthy body care and pampering!

Spring break is coming in a few weeks and that could mean some serious sun time or snow time depending on where you go. Something to note, you need to be wearing sunscreen.

There has been a lot of news about the sunscreens with a benzone base, a chemical ingredient that acts as a barrier actually does the opposite of sun cancer prevention and could be a contributor to skin cancer.  

 You can choose your preference in application from True Naturals, either a creamy lotion with spf 30 and a  light tropical caribbean coconut scent.  It's glueten and nano free, biodegradable and cruelty free.

Well, then it's time to go back to good ol' fashioned barrier sunscreens using zinc oxide. Meet True Naturals. These products are vegan, cruelty free and have a zinc oxide base to provide skin protection through a barrier - not a chemical. It  worked for a century on life guard noses, so it can be used today too!

The True Naturals brand is water resistant and note to self, be generous in your application and re-apply frequently. True Naturals is a green star winner for commitment to the environment and also ocean friendly due to the biodegradable ingredients.

Whether you are on the snowy slopes for spring break or a sunny beach, be sure and take some True Naturals sunscreen along the way with you!

Visit to get yours!

Now here is this week's video - enjoy!

Lavener body wash
Soft in Seconds hand cream
Joint&Muscle bath oil
Pure Bliss bubble bath
Eucalyptus mineral bath salt
Soft Skin Body Wash in almond blossom
Restoring Body Oil

Segment 2: True Naturals
Caribbean Coconut Scent Broad Spectrum spf 30 sunscreen
Sport spf 30 stick

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