Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Beauty Resources

Hi ya Gorgeous,

I have gathered some beauty resources for you and the upcoming Valentine's day celebrations, soirees and shin digs you will be a part of!

I like Valentine's day, but I still think it's a made up holiday to help retail businesses give their bottom line a boost in the beginning of the fiscal year.

So get ready to meet the new matte lipsticks from Rimmel London, some amazing fragrance choices from and a great affordable translucent powder ready for a night out or travel from Hard Candy Cosmetics!

Rimmel London has a new lipstick called The Only 1 Matte.

I have received 4 sample colors and I have tried each color and for once, I really like each shade that I have received with special favoritism on Salute!

The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in colors from left to right in the photo and in the swatch photo:
750 Look Who's Talking,  700 Trendsetter, 200 Salute and 110 Leader of the Pink which is super Barbie lip like pink!

Things to know, Rimmel London is available online and in mass retailers nationwide! These are in the $5 range and the wear is great. The lipstick is not drying, applies smooth and stays fairly moist for being a matte lipstick! Two thumbs up for your Valentine's Day looks!

 I love a certain brand of makeup you can get at Sephora, they make an amazing translucent HD powder and it's $52 for a tub a touch smaller than this one. The Hard Candy Cosmetics Fast & Fabulous powder from Walmart is a nearly close dupe for that brand at $6 a tub.  I think for those of you going on Spring Break trips, or have gym bags or keep an office beauty bag - at the low price, you could get one of these for each of your makeup bags!

Today's final segment for the week is  and the many choices that they have for a Valentine's Day gift - something for ladies, something for men and maybe one for both!

CK1 by Calvin Klein came on to the scene in 1994. I loved it back then and I still like it now! This is one of the scents that has transcended time and truly can be worn by male or female.

The scent is papaya, pineapple and jasmine that is accompanied by green tea and amber. On me it's a bit spicy with a hint of green clean smell that dries down into a warm and inviting scent. If you are thinking of giving a gift of fragrance at any time for anyone, high school age to retirement age, this is the one to choose!

Lovestruck by Vera Wang  
The  bottle is beautiful! It has top notes of juicy guavas and fresh angelica flowers. On me it wears several hours and dries down to a soft powdery floral. I really like it and get compliments when wearing it! 

Now for this week's video review of these items. Thank you for watching and please share!  Please tune in to the Facebook Live video for Makeup University on Wednesday's about 2 pm MST!

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