Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl 51: Patriots or Falcons - all need John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment

Hi ya Gorgeous...

OMG ...I just had the greatest Super Bowl post ever ... and Blogger choked, and even though I saved it ...the save is gone.

Gosh darn it! Well, here's the brief recap of what I had posted that got deleted.

Today is the Super Bowl game.
It is being played between the New England Patriots.

 The Atlanta Falcons will be in Houston Texas to do their best in the game.
The odds out of Las Vegas are to double down on the Patriots.

 Houston is a humid area and add in the cold weather that can make hair both dry and brittle even though in a humid condition. John Frieda has a new line of hair care in the Frizz Ease line that focuses on intense hydration to reverse surface dryness and help ease frizz.

 You can find John Frieda at mass retailers nationwide and always in the $10 or under range!

For those with curly hair that still gets frizzy, try the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air=Dry Waves styling foam.  It's lightweight, non-sticky foam the enhances waves for a soft look that spares your hair from heat styling!

I am definitely a fan of the John Frieda brand and really liked using the Brilliant Brunette series over the summer to add a subtle highlight to my hair without processing it.

Please visit the John Frieda website to see a full range of products as well as chat with a hair expert if needed for product recommendations! Visit

Now, the last bit of chit chat paddywhack I had on that really well written post that got lost in Blogger was about this photo below. I would consider the Super Bowl a family event and something that we view together, my son and I. We are a modest household and I have to click away when the cheearleaders come on in their labia length shorts. This is pornographic and in the mainstream everyday television where it should be safe for a young boy to watch football.

Perhaps the cheerleaders could get shorts with an inseam of 3 inches? Or where a skirt? A skort? Anything that doesn't look like their panties. Which is what the kids call them when they see the cheerleaders come on screen.  "Look Momma, it's the panty girls!"... Great.

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