Friday, May 25, 2018

L'Oreal Lash Paradise - First Impression Friday!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
 Who is ready for Memorial Day weekend? Me!  Nope. Not doing a thing. Going anywhere. Nothin' special.Why?

3 reasons. First, my cub is road trippin' with his grandparents. Second, I'm finalizing the million details for the Jael book release and Finding Chupa production. Third, July has so many trips that I've got to keep some cash set aside!  So it's not even a sacrifice to stay home this weekend and I'm really looking forward to the time to get my ducks in a row!

Now, let's get to the video product review of L'Oreal Lash Paradise.

Ok, I have been on the videos a lot lately since I have time off! Woo hoo! If you are new here, please subscribe - if you are not new, welcome back!

I regularly use L'Oreal Voluminous, the grey tube for mascara. I get it at the Walmart, it's $5.97 but this shiny package had me curious! It's $9.97 at my local store - but, I found it on Amazon for $7.79!

Use this link to get some mascara
That's my affiliate link and when you use it, I get a penny and an angel gets their wings.


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