Monday, May 21, 2018

Luster Premium White PRO LIGHT Dental Whitening System - live demo video

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Happy Monday!
How is your month of May going? I can tell you that mine is going by fast! School has been out for two weeks and I have already heard "I'm bored" more than I care to comment.

What happened to the good ol' days of "go play outside" or "go discover something new in your old toys"!

Which brings me to today's live demo video of the newly repackaged Luster Premium White PRO LIGHT Dental Whitening System.

This easy to use 3 piece kit is available at Walmart, online at Amazon and mass retailers nationwide. It really is super easy and you can do more than one application per day if you are cramming in beauty treatments before graduation or your summer wedding.

I received this sample from Luster Premium White, it has a new blue packaging which will look different than their old red packaging if you are looking for it online or in some retail markets.

We tested it live on camera - and honestly, it worked!

This kit is available at Walmart or online at Amazon
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