Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Meet Mally Beauty "More is More" mascara - Will It Pass the Travel Pack Test?

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Who is back to work after the long holiday weekend? Remember, you don't need one specific day to thank a veteran. Any time you see someone wearing their military veterans hat, be sure you say thank you. Even though the chances are they served 40 years ago, it will make their day!

Now I am definitely back to work and packing and prepping for a trip to southern California at the end of the week. It's all work and some fun squeezed in too! The goal is to get all the film gear packed, the crew gear packed, the necessary HMU and wardrobe for the cast packed and then...leave some room for me! 

In a sideways twist of fate, I have a big toe injury for 4 weeks ago. I knew it would take a long time to heal, but not this long! It's still severely bruised and looks horrible.  I can not wear heels and I always wear high heels! Or boots! Nope. Not now. This entire trip I will have to continue to wear a flip flop shoe! Something open toed to not press on the big toe!

I will have Instagram updates and beauty blog videos created at the trip posted when I get home.

In the meantime, here is a video review of the Mally Beauty More is More mascara. The PR agency had originally reached out about Mallywood, her new line but did not have samples to send, so they sent me some pieces for her old line.

Ironic that I will literally be in Hollywood and at the studios and instead of creating content with the new Mallywood line, I'll have her old highlight trio to show. So stick around for that.

Now, meet the Mally More is More Mascara! This short video demonstrates going from a bare lash to a More is More mascara covered lash!

I'm a huge fan of Mally and her products, though this one is funky and really blah on the lashes. I went to her website, http://mallybeauty.com to get a link for you, price and product details and it is not listed. I'm deeply concerned I have a left over sample from last year's Christmas party. 

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!