Thursday, July 12, 2018

Build-a-Bear Pay Your Age Promotion

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Quick post to jump in on a Thursday, which is unscheduled- to support the many moms who wanted to do something wonderful, make a great memory for their kids and get a prized Build-a-Bear bear today and had a different experience.

Mom - good for you! Build-a-Bear, good for you for trying to do something great for your fans and sorry it went sideways.

Don't know what I'm talking about, let me fill you in. Today, July 12th, Build-a-Bear ran a store promotion, that you could build a bear of your choice, for your age.

For those of you who are mom shaming the many moms and families standing in very long lines, in the heat and inclement weather, thank you for thinking of your kids joy!   To the moms who took their kids out of school to go get a bear for the price of their age, thank you for making a life memory for them!

For those with the hate, shame, and over all verbal online beating for the moms wanting to get a bear, the shame is actually on you. Obviously, you haven't been to Build-a-Bear!  The quote that I read that made me want to log on and write about my own experience was

"So stupid! Just go tomorrow and pay full price! Problem solved"

That was the straw.

So my experience with Build-a-Bear, which we have lovingly in our household termed "Build-a-Billion" is because of the price. The stuffed animal my son got is and was amazing! The experience from the Build-a-Bear staff was above par! Oh how she took such loving time and care with my son creating Roy Meower seen below.

Everything in the store was magical. From selecting the stuffed animal skin, to the stuffing and her having him help put the fluff in and then the heart. Oh my gosh. Made me cry in the store!  If you haven't been, this is a spoiler alert!

The Build-a-Bear care bear builder had my son hold the stuffed red heart in his hands and warm it up while singing a little song to start it beating.

Then Roy Meower went on to be sewed up and we we picked an outfit for him.  Oh it was fun and my son was very happy with his new stuffed animal, a tiger, named Roy Meower. 

Oh. Then I had to pay. He was given a $25 gift card to spend at Build-a-Bear, and I was adding it up as we went along in the process and the little bits of loving care and attention were adding up! Fast!

Grand total at the end of this magical give birth to a personalized stuffed animal experience was $75 dollars. $74.97 to be exact. Was it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. Would I do it again. No.

Yes, there was a discount bin of animals to choose from - but they were funky and girly and my son would have none of that. Then I could have asked my son to not do the stuffed heart, more fluff, an outfit and so on - though - this is about the experience. And we got it, we just paid for it.

So today as I'm reading the mean spirited mom shaming attacks at these families wanting a bit of joy and magic for the price of their age, $4, or $7, $18 dollars - I say you good for you! You made a memory just not the one you were expecting.

I'm really hoping that Build-a-Bear does right by the people in line and offer them a voucher, one that is time and date stamped, signed by the manager guaranteeing that they can come back next week and exchange for the same deal, a bear for the price of their age.

Today has been a social media nightmare for Build-a-Bear BUT it doesn't have to stay that way!  Just think of how over the next few weeks the social feed can be filled with happy smiling faces hugging a bear they just created, for the price of their age, when they came back to the store to see that yes, a business and a brand can keep their word and their promise!  Talk about customers for life!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!