Thursday, July 5, 2018

Got summer swim hair? Try this!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Well, how was your Independence Day celebration? Amazing I hope! Mine was super awesome! Such good times with family and friends with our own private fireworks show. Talk about fun!
I'm a huge fan of fireworks and the show did not disappoint!

So if your summer is like mine, the pool is a daily thing. I rarely get my colored hair wet - but my light haired son is always under water. So to keep his blonde hair from going green, I'm using a few simple and affordable solutions from the drugstore to keep his hair healthy and normal - not green!

This video has all the details  - enjoy - and, if you have an at home remedy for removing chlorine and green from light colored hair, post in the comments!

All the products mentioned in the video are available at mass retailers and drugstores - or online even, nationwide!

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