Monday, July 9, 2018

The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles - a book review for you

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Happy Monday and happy on the way to mid July holy smokes where does the summer go!

The fam took the Independence Day holiday to be more like a week. There really didn't seem to be a point to working the beginning of the week or the end of the week - so we didn't! We just enjoyed adventures, cook outs, swimming, movies and books!

I received a copy of The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles by Laura Fahrenthold for review from the publisher, and boy am I glad I did! Normally, this isn't a book that I would pick up since I normally only read diy, self help, finance and film manuals, though this is a gem of a read!

This is a love story. A true story. An inspiring story. And a life lesson manual all rolled in to one book.

The author, Laura Fahrenthold, and her two teenage daughters set out across the country in an RV to help heal the sudden loss of a most beloved family member.

Laura doesn't hold anything back. Her work as a journalist for Woman's World and The New York Daily News shines in her conversational writing style and the telling of her journey in a story format that is both entertaining and relatable.

What I enjoyed most in the book is how Laura related the death of her daughters father, and let them have a say in  their healing process and what to do on the journey to help them move forward.

These gals learned hands on the RV lifestyle and took the daily situations as they happened. It's refreshing to see someone live life with such gusto while such sorrow and sadness was waiting to just consume them.

If anything, this book can be read as a life manual for what to do when the love of your life suddenly collapses and dies.

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She has a fun blog that is keeping updates on what is going on with the family, post pink steering wheel adventures!

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