Saturday, January 26, 2008

Golden Valley Glamour photo event! Get your appt!

Holla back my local ladies!

Come be a part of the local "glamour shots" event at Tangles Salon in Golden Valley AZ.

Just in time for the new year and new business cards, something for Valentines day for your sweetie, or a pamper time for yourself!

The package includes a hair styling, makeup, nail polish and sitting fee that includes an 8x10 photo.

You have to call for an appointment, to 928-565-7706 to book your session.

No worries, this is not the traditional Glamour Shots that you see in the mall where it starts at $189 and goes up from there.

Each service is only $10, mini-mani-nail polish application is $5, and the sitting fee with photo included is $15.

Claire has invited me to do the makeup and to honor her effort and salon I am coming in for the $10.00 (so if you felt nervous that you would need to shell out the normal $350, no worries again!)

I will apply your false eyelashes, though an extra $5 is needed. You are wearing false eyelashes aren't you for the photo? Everyone in the media industry wears false eyelashes to enhance their eyes except for Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres.

It's going to be alot of fun, and I look forward to meeting more of my local ladies!

I am always on the road and it will be so nice to stay home a weekend and not travel! Phew!

See you Friday or Saturday, February 1st or 2nd, at Tangles in Golden Valley AZ.

Call 928-565-7706 for your appointment time.

P.S. there will be shopping available...I am bringing Bridal Beauty packs ( includes Crest Whitestrips 7 Day Premium, eyeliner, the Bridal DIY Style book and sells for $ checks, cash or paypal with your Visa ahead of time to my personal email:

If this is the Bridal Beauty pack is a gift, let me know so I can have it wrapped ahead of time for you.

I will be using all botanical products from Arbonne and if you want to get the good stuff, I'm running a 30% off sale and FREE shipping when you pick up the makeup or skin care at Tangles during your February 9th picture proof appointment.

See you this coming weekend and remember to bring a friend!

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