Thursday, January 3, 2008

How bad do you want hair on your bald spot?

Would you like to grow hair on your bald spot?
If you have a patch of scalp that is thinning or bald and would like to stimulate some growth, naturally without expensive shampoos and drippy serums, try this natural remedy.

When you are in the shower and have your head lathered up, use a palm full of table salt to massage the scalp. Yes, just plain old Morton’s or even the generic brand from the grocery store.

Just keep rubbing and scrubbing your head and hair with the salt mixed into the shampoo lather. Use your fingertips and get some good massaging on the skin.

Salt is a natural exfoliater and stimulant. Give it a week to start and with consistent use of the salt on your scalp you will begin to see hair growth.


Because follicles get blocked by hair products, pollution, medicines and junk foods we eat. If you aren’t losing hair because of 100% genetic reasons, I know that this salt remedy will help grow some hair.

Now, if you stop salting your bald spot, which is now fuzzy with fresh growth, you will slowly go back to your pre-salty condition.

Good luck and please send before and after photos of this salt head challenge!

p.s. special thank you to Clair at Tangles in Golden Valley for reporting on all of the success and hair growth from her clients who are currently utilizing this method. 928-565-7706 call Claire for more information

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