Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why I use the moisturizer I do and not Walmart Equate kind

Why I use Arbonne and not the Walmart Equate moisturizer
Okay, so I have got some questions about why bother with the shipping, the cost, whatever.
Because when I sweat, ( I live in Arizona, I get many a chance to sweat, and yes, your face sweats) my Arbonne moisturizer doesn’t create a oil sealed pocket between the skin and the product.
Let me explain.
I traveled last week and left quickly on a last minute job. I had to pack both me, my son, and my makeup case in a hurry. What I forgot was my personal Arbonne mini travel skin kit.
I didn’t realize it until I was in the hotel that evening in Southern California. I thought to myself, “self, it’s only a week, go get something at the drugstore that can substitute until you get home”.
So, I got some Walmart brand Equate something similar to Neutrogena multi vitamin spf 15 face crème. I figured if I was going to use just any old thing for the week it may as well be cheap.
Yes, that ‘s the silver lining of the story. It was less than $10 for my substitute moisturizer. I used it morning and night. Within two days I had blackheads and by the third day pimples. Nice, exactly what you want while on set doing someone else’s makeup.
Ah, it was a long week. I have since put a couple of sample packs in my makeup kit, some in my travel vanity, and stashed one in my sons toy backpack that we travel with, just in case.
So, if you ask me, why do I bother with Arbonne’s prices and UPS’ing and ordering through the website, I say, because if you think looking at a pimple is hard, trying covering one up!

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