Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Self tanning? Try Comodynes self tanning towelettes

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Honestly, everything that comes into the blog I test personally. So I was really excited to get a sample for the Body Drench Quick Tan Body Scrub to help slough off the crunchy layer of chlorine dried skin and then smooth on some lovely self tanner color.
I got the mail after I had gone running and taken a shower so instead of a full body slather (there is always tomorrow!) I just did my legs since that is what sticks out on the majority of my normal day. Ooh, the body scrub has a chocolately buttery smell and it's delicous! It gives a foamy lather and doens't have alot of grain/grit to it-so I would categorize it as a medium exfoliant. That is somewhere between ripping skin off and just lightly buffing the tough stuff.
Next I open up the Comodynes self tanning towelette which I have taken to calling my tan glove of love. It doesn't have a chemically smell, in fact it doesn't smell like the usual self tanner at all and the scent is actually quite pleasant. Now for the sake of modesty and your retinas being seared with an image I have refrained from making one large swatch of tan glove love over my nearly translucent white midsection. I have the same body coloring as a shark: dark on the back, light on the belly. You may remember the Comodynes name because they make amazing makeup remover towelettes that you can buy for $4.99 at Trader Joes.

Those things are awesome!

Well, as you can tell I do all my own testing and photography. What I wanted you to see is that this thin cotton glove is saturated with a solution that is browning my legs as I write! I'll post a full 3 hours later photo...later...
My experience with the Comodynes self tanning towelettes is good. No stinky smell, didn't rub off on my clothes or towels. I did wash my hands right after using and I didn't have any discoloring of my palms. So if you get a box of 8 for $12.99 and plan to travel, have a destination wedding or just want to tan yourself on lunch before you go out at night, consider getting these because your officemates will have no idea that at the very moment you are talking to them you are also self tanning.
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