Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas eve! I have my Iroha on, do you?
7 Celebrities Who NEED a Hairstyle Revamp

We think it's time for some of these celebrities to let go of their iconic 'dos and try a new look

7 Celebrities Who NEED a Hairstyle Revamp

This is a celebrity hairstyles article

In the interest of embarking on new beginnings for 2011, we'd like to (gently) suggest that a certain few A-listers should step out of the past and grab hold of a bold new look. Check out the virtual makeovers we gave them to prove that a new style would look great on them.

See hair makeovers

Oh hello gorgeous! I'm getting ready for the most merry Christmas ever! Oh how I love Christmas eve and all the joy and miracles it brings!

Woo hoo! Good thing I am prepping my skin now with an Iroha mask!

It gives a very similiar effect as a salon facial

and is relaxing and rejuvenating to the skin. The Iroha masks are made in a non-woven tissue to facilitate water evaporation and a faster absorption of all actives so when I pull this thing off I'm expecting the skin of a 12 year old!

Now visit the website to learn about the many varieties of the tissue masks and also about the gel eye patches. I swear, it's my favorite and I find the best eye treatment for anti-aging is to regularly use an under eye patch.

Don't believe me? Get some and try it! Go here for more information:

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