Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LUSH Christmas Tweets! So Sweet!
Your Go-To Place for Holiday Beauty

Consider this your destination for all things beauty related this holiday season

Your Go-To Place for Holiday Beauty

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Find out which perfume you should gift, get 30+ gift ideas under $30, see party-worthy hairstyles and more at the holiday headquarters of

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Hello friends and family! I love the LUSH products for their commitment to community and
recycling plus their handmade cosmetics are always fresh!

Now this beautiful package contains 4 amazing

products to help indulge and relax yourself!

I love the Christmas season but do agree that it can be very stressful!

So why not enjoy some delightfully indulgent holiday tweets for the soul who spends their holidays looking after everyone else. Like you?

Why not suggest they unwind in a vanilla toffee scented bath and soften their weary hands with rose infused cocoa butter cream?

Pick one up for your mum, your aunt and of course, your bird! (*I got this part from the LUSH website and find it funny that they would call a girlfriend a 'bird'. Just one more reason to click on over to their website and find something for a gift and yourself!