Sunday, December 26, 2010

ARDELL does it again! Brows & Lashes for the New Years eve parties!
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Hello gorgeous! Now that the amazing merriment of the Christmas season is drawing to a close, there is only one big hoopla hullabaloo to celebrate before we all wait for the massive tailgating of the Super Bowl to begin!

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Okay, back to Ardell. They are my favorite drugstore brand false eyelash brand because for
the low price you get high quality and fun flirty
lashes that photograph amazing!
Now what I have just found out from them is that they make amazing eye brow powder to enhance your eyebrows. I'm a big fan of using a slant tip brush, which happens to come in the Ardell eyebrow powder case along with a wee mirror which in the photo is casting a reflection right on top of my nose! Plus to set your brows in place for a big party night out, or tailgate, or tweet fueled race there is this clear brow gel. I like the smell so it gets double points! Remember, Ardell is affordable and easily accessible: nearly every Target, Walmart, Fry's Marketplace, Walgreens you name it, carries this brand! So get some brow powder/gel now and start practicing a bold brow look for your New Year's eve party.

*Stay tuned! See those lovely sparkly false eyelashes in the first photo? Yep, I will be demonstrating those in a few short days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, go add me on Twitter right now! Why? Because the 1000th follower gets a beauty basket bonanaza that's why!
Oh, what's this lovely package you say? This is Luminess Air brush makeup...oh yeah...You Tubes comin'!
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