Thursday, December 23, 2010

You need a Cardiwrap-and can have one of mine!
Real Women Share Their Top 10 Beauty Resolutions

Are New Year's resolutions meant to be broken? Not this year …

Real Women Share Their Top 10 Beauty Resolutions

This is a health and beauty article

As January 1st edges closer it's time to whip that willpower into shape with health and beauty resolutions. Here are the ones our readers say they plan to stick to.

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Hello gorgeous and have I got a stocking stuffer for you! This Christmas what you really need in a gift box under the tree or in your stocking hanging from the mantle is a Cardiwrap from Kymaro!

Are you traveling? You need a Cardiwrap!

Are you needing to have one core piece in your winter wardrobe? You need a Cardiwrap!

Are you needing to accessorize more? You need a Cardiwrap?

Finally, is the office you work in cold and then you need some style to go out in after work without packing a suitcase with you? You my friend, need a Cardiwrap!

There is a wee booklet with so many ideas and
instructions on how you can simply twist, tie, pin, use a hoop or layer the Cardiwrap into a myriad of looks.

I may be sounding a bit Billy Mayes here, but I think that I have stumbled on to something with the versatility of this lightweight, machine washable wardrobe staple.

Now, if you would like to win yourself a
Cardiwrap, I am giving away a silver grey toned wrap to one lucky blog subscriber!

These are a one size fits all-so no worries on letting me know what your size is.

To win: simply subscribe to the blog and comment to win: let me know how you would wear your new Cardiwrap for Christmas!

Out of all the photos I particularly like this one-on any given day I feel like Marti Feldman and in this photo, I look like him!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

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melonie said...

I'm thinking I would wrap it around me like a bow and give me to my hubby for Christmas!! heehee!!!