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Chia! Guest post with Exposure Swimwear Donna-how to get that bikini body!

Hey Gorgeous-I apologize for not being available today-but in my absence, I have a rich and entertaining guest blog post from friend and colleague Donna of Exposure Swimwear. (You know, where you get the best custom bikini ever!)

Enjoy her sharing on the power of chia!

Getting in shape for the beach is important all year around.  Actually it is a way of life.  I bet most of us have heard that over and over again.  Most of us avoid the simplest things just because we don't really know or understand them.

I never realized the importance of Vitamin D3 until a friend of mine, Sara Sunshine, told me or should I say encouraged me or maybe I should really say that she pushed me a bit into looking into the benefits of Vitamin D3.  Her own story was enough to catch my interest.  The info i found on line had me at Costco buying the mega bottle.    I don't feel any more uneducated than most because 'most' don't understand this so called vitamin.  Just recently my doctor started ordering vitamin test be done as a regular part of the yearly blood work.

He is one of the few doctors that I know that do this.  Guess most doctors are not up to speed on the importance.  I wonder if they even know this little fact: Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all but rather the precursor of a steroid hormone. It's found in many animal products, such as milk products and fish oil. But the best source is sunlight, when our bodies can create the steroid ourselves.
Another tip bit that may surprise you is all the diseases that Vitamin D will prevent and aid in the recovery from.

Easiest to do is just make a list of some of the most important -
bone growth - mineral metabolism - calcium absorption - juvenile diabetes - asthma - reduces the effects of hay fever and allergies  muscular pain - muscle related diseases - certain cancers many cardiovascular diseases - osteoporosis - Schizophrenia - Rickets Chron's disease - osteoporosis
What I would really suggest is that you check out the site of Sunshine Sara and see all the good stuff that she shares through her research.  Find books ( Sara has some links on her site too ) and start reading.
Also - I found this site from CTV News with some great info and links.
 The amazing facts about seaweed was exciting to me.  I am so excited to try some of these yummy recipes and the fact they are so good for you is just a bonus.  For those of you with kids in the house, it may not be so easy.  Perhaps check out some of the great snacks that will appeal to the kids and adults alike, at your neighborhood healthy food market or farmers market.

After reviewing some site with recipes I believe I found one with a really great assortment and variety about Ocean Vegetables.  Here you will find soups, salads, omelets, pizza and more.  Enjoy !      

Last but not least there are the Chia seeds.  What I found here is a list of uses for this might little seed.  There are over 40 uses as per one creative person.  I will start on this list soon; make it a personal goal to get to the end of the list by the end of this year.
Here's the list -
1. Mix 1 dessertspoon of chia seeds with a quarter cup of water to make an egg substitute for baking cakes and cookies.
2. Add chia seeds to apple juice to make “sago”.
3. Grind seeds and add to hot milk to make a “porridge”
 4. Mix seeds through yogurt.
5. Add seeds to soup to thicken.
6. Grind seeds and mix with flour, milk and eggs to make pancakes.
7. Add seeds to salad dressings.
8. Eat Chia seeds whole and raw as a snack.
9. Add whole seeds to diluted fruit juice to make  Chia Fresca.
10. Make Chia Pudding by adding whole seeds to milk, nut milk or soy milk.
11. Blend chia seeds into smoothies.
12. Make a “lassie” by blending chia seeds, yogurt and fruit juice.
13. Add chia seeds to beaten eggs, soak for 10 minutes and make an omelet.
14. Mix with Worcestershire or bbq sauce and brush over barbecued meats.
 15. Add ground chia seeds to flour when making bread.
16.  Make chia pan bread by combining chia seeds, eggs, milk, flour and baking powder. Cook in a heavy based pan with a lid on.
17. Add whole chia seeds to a cake batter to make a heavy poppy seed like cake.
18. Add seeds to stews to thicken.
19. Throw some seeds into a stir fry.
20. Make a thin batter of ground chia seeds and milk and cook in a slow oven to make crackers.
21. Sprinkle seeds over a salad.
22. Pureed fruit, chia seeds and a little fruit juice is a good topping for ice cream.
23. Stir whole seeds through cooked lentils.
24. Soak seeds in beaten eggs and use this mix to make a frittata.
25. Cook brown rice in vegetable stock and stir chia seeds through when rice is cooked.
26. Top a cheesecake with chia seeds soaked in fruit juice to make a gel topping.
27. Add whole or ground seeds to cookie mixes.
28. Mix ground seeds with ground beef to make meatballs.
29. Cook brown rice in apple juice, add grated apple and stir whole chia seeds through the mixture for a tasty dessert.
30. Toasted ground chia seeds mixed with honey and cinnamon makes a wonderful base for cheesecake.
31. Add whole seeds to granola.
32. Mix white chia seeds that have been soaked in milk through mashed potatoes.
34. Mix ground seeds with butter or peanut butter for a nutritious spread.
35. Cinnamon, ground chia and butter is great on hot scones.
36. Add a desert spoon of black seeds to a green jelly mix for “frogs egg jelly”.
37. Spread a mixture of honey, cinnamon, dried fruit and ground chia on to filo or puff pastry sheets, roll up and cook in a hot oven.
 38. Mix the seeds, whole or ground through Nutella.
39. Add ground seeds soaked in an egg to bind a hamburger mix.
40. Soak chia seeds in milk and mix through hot oatmeal.
41. Add half black and half white chia seeds to custard to make “polka dot custard” – great for kids
42. Make a pasta sauce by blending chia seeds, cooked cauliflower and vegetable stock
43. Don’t waste left over liquid from a stew. Add chia seeds, allow to thicken, then heat and serve with toast
44. Add ground or whole chia seeds to your favorite stuffing mixture
45. Whisk a dessertspoon of chia seeds into coconut water. This is especially good on a hot day for keeping hydrated and an excellent idea for athletes. It’s so effective and healthy it may soon be marketed as a sports drink.
Please let me know if you come up with any other ideas.  We would love hear them.
That's it for now.  Great ideas for all of us.
Coconut oil will be my next adventure!


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