Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Travel skin grimey? Try AcneFree Gentle Acne Scub with oatmeal and salycylic acid

Hey Purty,
The past three weeks have been filled with a lot of travel for me. Which I love and is good though it tends to reek havoc on my skin because nothing says pimple quite like a long air plane ride and crossing several time zones.

I've got a new product I'm trying to help exfoliate and deep clean my skin while I travel.

So far so good in using the AcneFree Gentle Acne Scrub. I'm getting all of my sunscreen and HD makeup off along with the smog residue and have squeaky clean feeling skin without over drying my face.

 The texture is a bit thin, not thick and pasty and not watery, just enough to make a nice emulsion. When I use it I am careful around my eyes and do not use it to remove my mascara.

It's safe for everyday use and sells for about $7 at Walmart and online.

Due to the size, I have to pack this in my checked bag for the airport-but it's worth it! How about you? Where are you traveling to this season?

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