Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes on NBC tonight: who has the best dress?

Hello Gorgeous!
I love the award show season and red carpets because I just adore watching all of the gowns going down the path.

Some are amazing and some are awful and much like watching American Idol, it's  sometimes more fun to watch the bloopers/out takes of the singers who obviously didn't take the advice of their friends and families and take up dancing.

The red carpet for award shows is just like that. Unless of course, you are Jennifer Lawrence.

 This sweet and beautiful girl has yet to make a mistake on the red carpet in my opinion.
So how does she do it? Stylists I'm sure.

But let us take a moment and look at her hair and makeup: classic every time. Either focusing on the eyes or on the lips.

So take a note for your own red carpet experience or perhaps for an upcoming special night out or party-you either play up the eyes or the lips, select appropriate jewelry and remember, when people say less is more, they mean, less is more!

Enjoy the red carpet and I'll share some more as soon as I get in from the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale.
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