Friday, March 21, 2014

Kiss My Face sunscreens for Spring Break or Spring Training

Hello Gorgeous,
*Sigh* our spring break is over, and some other areas in Arizona are just starting all the while the infamous spring training camps for baseball are winding down too.

All of this means is that my family has been out in the sun, yours may still be in the sun, and the boys of spring training are about to become the boys of summer.

With all that sunshine, how do you keep your skin protected and hydrated?

Kiss My Face has two new formulas that are natural mineral formulas. Let's meet 'em!

I love the Kiss My Face brand for their commitment to cruelty free, paraben free, healthy, effective and affordable products!

And I quote from the webiste: "Kiss My Face is no newcomer to the green marketplace. KISS was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz 30 years ago on a 200 acre farm in New York's beautiful Hudson River Valley."  Thanks boys! I enjoy the products and feel good sharing it with my family.

Now on to these new sunscreens: First the Kiss My Face Oat Protein Complex broad spectrum spf 30 for sensitive skin with Hydresia for ultra moisturizing.

It is nice and rich! It is a non irritating sunscreen specially formulated for sensitive skin. It has been enriched with soothing Oat Protein and antioxidant defenders-green tea and carrot extract. It is moisturizing safflower based Hydresia oleosomes provides three times the hydrating protection. Find it at health food store retailers and online for $12.95 in a 4 oz tube.

Q: What is Hydresia?

A: Hydresia is nature’s moisturizer nurtured from safflower seeds. Hydresia oleosomes are little “capsules” of oil that collapse at varying rates on your skin, providing controlled release of ultra-moisturizing properties
Now, onto the Everyday 15 Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer.

This 6 ounce tube is $14.99, and protects and hydrates skin daily with moisturizing sunscreen with spf 15. It's an effective combination of Hydresia oleosomes made from safflower oil, antioxidant defenders and natural mineral sunscreen helps keep skin nourished and protected. It's perfect for everyday use!

Exciting News!

Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40, made with the best ingredients nature has to offer, continues to receive strong accolades – winning Redbook Magazine’s 2013 MVP Beauty Award for Best All Natural Sunscreen and Self Magazine's 2013 Healthy Beauty Award for Best SPF for Body. Also, our Kids Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 was endorsed by Parents Magazine as a kid-friendly sunscreen.

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