Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break beach beauty with Wet n Wild Strike a Pose Rose

Hello Gorgeous,
Spring Break continues!

I know that many of you may be getting ready for prom and may need some affordable looks to keep the prom budget.

I am still on vacation with my son in San Diego for Robolink robot classes and Carlsbad for the usual Legoland mayhem.

For those of you who haven't left on spring break yet and want to take a fresh look, why not take some Wet n Wild with you?

So let's talk simple beach beauty and building a prom look!

 I've got three products to share with you: the MegaGlo Illuminating Powder, MegaShield lipstick in Pink Champagne and MegaLiner in black.

 I like this multli-color shimmer powder with light pigments. It's called Strike-A-Pose Rose #346. I have tried the colors each alone and blended together as one. It does start very shimmery and needs a bit of blending to get it to appear more of a glow. I don't like to have a sparkly face. It retails for about $6.99.

This MegaLiner really lasts and lasts, so be careful when you apply it because it sets up quick! It has great pigment too. It sells for $2.99 at mass retailers everywhere!
There are some really great colors too and why I like this so much for spring break is that while I am wearing it at the beach, the ocean spray and humidity does not make it run!

 The Wet n Wild Megashield lip color spf 15 in Pink Champagne is a Gidget like soft pink with shimmer. It feels nice on the lips but I have noticed that it gets a bit pilly by the end of the day.
For $3.00 it's worth it! Plus it's prom pink perfect!

Ok, I already mentioned the Robolink here in San Diego-and trust me-if you have a LEGO head at home like I do-get your kid in this summer camp!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!