Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream - for the spring break skin care woes

Hello Gorgeous,
How was your spring break? Have you gone yet or are you getting ready to go?
See, I used Yu-Be way back when. When I was on location in Japan. This stuff is amazing.

Yu-Be has been around for a very long time, and used successfully internationally. It's neat to see it finally making it's way to the United States.

Guess what?

While on assignment in Europe, I constantly saw Yu-Be in the Italy/France cosmetic counters!

A 1 oz tube like what you see in my photo retails for about $16.00 online.

Fighting dry skin for 57 years and counting…
It was 1957 when a young pharmacist named Yoshikiyo Nowatari first introduced his now famous moisturizing cream to Japan. His creation was invented at the request of a woman long-suffering from dry, cracked skin. She was tired of using petroleum-based skin care products that she found to be greasy, messy and ineffective. Through a specially developed manufacturing process he created a highly concentrated glycerin-based, vitamin-enriched moisturizing cream that could replenish lost moisture without any greasy mess. Yu-Be has gone on to become one of the longest and best-selling skin care products in Japan today.

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