Friday, October 5, 2012

Duri Nail Polish for Fall nude nail trends
6 Best Ways to Remove Makeup That Won't Come Off

Glitter nail polish, waterproof mascara, and false eyelashes are great -- until you try to take them off. See these hassle-free ways to remove the most stubborn beauty treatments

6 Best Ways to Remove Makeup That Won't Come Off

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Waterproof mascara, glitter nail polish, and semi-permanent lashes go on easy, but taking them off can be downright annoying (and even painful). If you've found yourself physically wrestling with your cleanser or acetone, it's time for a new removal plan. Follow these simple techniques to get those pesky treatments off -- stat!

Get them off

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh I love the colors of Fall! These Duri nail polishes !

The Fall nude nail trend continues and I started the weekend with wearing Duri "Bedroom Talk".

As the week is over and now I'm starting a new weekend, I simply added a stripe of "Behind the Closed Doors" in a french styled manicure to make the polished look last a little bit longer.

You can see my other Duri polish samples in the photo:
You Belong to Me is the green tone
Undisclosed Desires is the bright red on the right
Blinding Obsession is the orange
Oh My! is the burnt red tone on top of the photo

Get some Duri Polish today and enjoy creating some fun and funky looks to accessorize your Fall style!
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