Monday, October 29, 2012

Pure ICE CRACKLE polish for costume parties and holiday soirees
Pinterest-to-Reality Hair Challenge

Pinning is easy. Creating the looks in real-life? Now that's a challenge. See how one editor tackles her seven favorite hair pinspirations

Pinterest-to-Reality Hair Challenge

This is a pictures of hairstyles article

From trendy home decor to braided updos, Pinterest has it all. But how often do any of your re-pinings actually turn into a reality. Our guess? -- hardly ever. So when our editor Sharon was challenged to try seven of Pinterest's prettiest styles, she was excited and apprehensive. Does she succeed? See the results of her hair trial run now.

See how she fared

 Hello Gorgeous!

These are my toes dressed up in a fun costume pedicure with Pure Ice Crackle polish.

The base coat is a Duri polish called 'You Belong to Me' with Crushed Crackle on top. A thin coat works best. Ask me how I know!

 This is my 'crackle dots' pedicure design-and I think if I had a bigger toe and more room to make bigger dots that the crackle dot effect would be greater?

Colors used by Pure ICE Crackle:
Strobe Light (black)
Catwalk (yellow)
Crushed (orange)

What do you think? What's your favorite Crackle polish design?

Pure ICE Crackle polishes sell for $3.99 at mass retailers-go get some!

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