Sunday, October 28, 2012

Manna Kadar Bronzed Beauty self tanning lotion: a wee beach in a bottle
How to Turn Your Favorite Pinterest Makeup Looks into Reality

Even if you're not a makeup guru, you can still wear the cutest makeup looks you see on Pinterest. All you need are these helpful tips from one of our beauty editors

How to Turn Your Favorite Pinterest Makeup Looks into Reality

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Though Pinterest is the Mecca for beauty inspiration, recreating and wearing those looks takes a lot more effort than it takes to re-pin. Some require a boatload of products and the steady hand of a fine artist, but others are totally doable -- especially with the expert help of our beauty guru, Cinya. From dewy skin to bold brows, see the tips you need to nail these looks now.

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Hello Gorgeous!
I recently tested Manna Kadar self tanning lotion called Bronzed Beauty. I like that it is a paraben free product. Application is simple with the bronze color showing up as you apply. After rubbing it in to the skin it does fade to a light brown tone but deepens with a few hours.

It has a  very light coconut beach like smell and is very pleasant. I liked my sample, but think that I prefer the aerosol spray tanners because I prefer to hose it on if I can't get to the salon for a spray tan.

Here's some information from the website:

Become a bronzed beauty with Manna Kadar’s Self Tanning Lotion. This innovative formula is a custom blend of natural ingredients creating the richest looking
tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. Achieve a golden glow with natural ingredients ach as Aloe, Vitamin A & Vitamin E that serve to moisturize, hydrate & protect
the body with a fresh almond oil scent.
To apply:
Smooth evenly over face and body. Color is instant and will intensify in 3 hours. To avoid discoloring palms wash hands with soap and water immediately after use. To maintain tan apply Bronze Beauty Self Tanning Lotion 1 to 3 times weekly.

$24.00 for a 4 ounce bottle.

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