Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fuzz free with Skintimate lotionized shave creme and Schick Quattro for women

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 Hello Gorgeous!
I have been playing with my sample of Skintimate lotionized shave creme in extra gentle. It has a non foaming formula and I wasn't sure at first that I was going to like not having a big thick layer of sudsy foam to pull the razor through.

Actually I am surprised and how rich the lotion texture of the Skintimate lotionized shave creme is! I tested along with it a Schick Quattro for women 4 blade shaver with acai complex and jojoba.

I really liked the lotion shave creme because it rinsed clean and I think it did help the blade slide smoother over the skin with out any tugging that could possibly  result in a cut. Once you have never cut your shin to the bone while shaving you will have a nightmare for life.

The razor is a different  story. I think that big bulbous moisturizing pad above the blade does not let the blades get close enough to the skin. That, or I have really fine hair and the acai complex with jojoba glide system made it more slippery and the shave wasn't as close as I would prefer.
So instead of one pass over the leg and pit, I had to make two.

What I do really like is the ergonomically textured rubber handle-it's got a real safe and sturdy grip to it.

Both Skintimate Lotionized shave creme retailers for under $5 and Schick Quattro for women retails near $10, coupons are available online and the products are available at mass retailers everywhere.

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