Monday, September 7, 2015

7th Heaven masks (formally Montagne Jeunnesse) for travel skincare

Hello Gorgeous,
 I'm in Las Vegas and have my single use masks with me from 7th Heaven. This brand used to be called Montagne Jeunesse but changed their name due to challenges with people being able to pronounce it!

 I love the Argan Oil mud mask and have it on hand to help deep clean last nights concert makeup and prep my skin for tonight's show. 

Embrace the natural joy of Moroccan Argan Oil coupled with antioxidant rich Acai Berries. This power duo join forces in this face mask to deeply cleanse pores, balance oil levels and bring tired skin back to life.

 The Tea Tree oil, I was skeptical to try because I do not like peel off masks because they tend to leave behind little sticky bits that don't exactly peel off easily...but, this 7th Heaven mask did.

Get in the T-Zone and target problem areas with this super soothing peel off mask. Tea Tree, Witch Hazel & Canadian Willowherb come together to calm and clean up impurities.

 In closing, I used, I like, and these are perfect for travel and TSA sized just right and can be found at mass retailers everywhere! So get some because they are super affordable at just about a $1!

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