Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday: travel, grandparents and Rosh Hashanna with Heliocare 360

 Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Monday.
Oh, thank you Monday.
Last week with the holiday it made my Tuesday the most Monday'est Tuesday ever.
The whole week was off kilter and out of sync. But now it's back on. In fact, so back on that I am celebrating :
National Grandparents Day as well as getting my Rosh Hashanah Head of the Year 5776 party on!

All of that while traveling to Ipsy for some videos! Woo hoo!

Now, as I am on the road, please enjoy this product review of the new HelioCare 360 sunscreen.

 Now I have been a big fan of Heliocare sun products for some time now. I take the supplements and now there is a sunscreen to apply to the skin also!

 For me, I like the light, silky texture of the Heliocare 360 sunscreen. I wore while running, and also under my makeup. It needs a moment to dry down on the skin before putting makeup over it.  Arizona still has a lot of summer like days left, so this will come in handy!

You can find Heliocare 360 products online or at Walgreens and Dermstore.

 PROTECTION - against the complete spectrum of daily environmental challenges UVB, UVA, Infrared­-A (IR-A) and visible light. Uniquely SPF50+ and broad spectrum UVB|UVA protection is combined with the Heliocare® 360° BioShield System of Fractional Biomimetic Melanin and Pro­-Taurine providing additional advanced biological protection against high energy visible light and Infrared-A radiation. The BioShield System absorbs high-energy visible light at the skin's surface and helps neutralise the action of infrared- A within the skin.

PREVENTION- of the damage the ROS/ free radicals generated by these daily challenges can cause using the clinically proven and patented Fernblock® Polypodium leuctomos extract contained in every Heliocare product. Fernblock® is a natural complex containing powerful polyphenol anti-oxidants such as ferulic, caffeic and vanillic acid, supported by extensive peer review published evidence of it's high level skin anti-­oxidant efficacy. In Heliocare 360ᴼ this is fortified with additional ferulic and caffeic acid to make Fernblock® FC, with an antioxidant activity up to 4x greater than Fernblock® alone.

The Heliocare 360ᴼ antioxidant prevention effect is further enhanced by the addition of Vitamin C, E & Green tea extract.
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