Saturday, September 26, 2015

7th Heaven Masks: perfect for travel!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

I am in Las Vegas at the Barrett Jackson car auction. Oy! It's so hot!
As you know, travel to Las Vegas comes with so many different ...things...

It's high desert, there is a lot of pollution, and then the casino air mixed with the heat and sweating of being outside.
My skin needs every second of detoxing and cleaning with some pampering added too!
 The mask on the left is an anti-stress red hot Earth mask which I am using promptly!

 Take a good look-you most likely have seen these masks before under their previous name "Montagne Jeunesse". These are just over $1 and available at mass retailers everywhere, like Walmart and Target.

The masks are from the top left: Hot Spring Sauna mask with volanic minerals. Top right is the Sauna Mask.
The bottom left is the Tea Tree Peel Off mask and the bottom right is the Argan Oil mask.

All of these are simple to use and effective! Try one today! You deserve a mini spa day!

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