Thursday, September 3, 2015

C.O. Bigelow: classic body products for your home and the Unscripted hotel

Hello Gorgeous!
 Grace! Grace! I cry grace grace!
Oh the travel has been amazing.

Thank you Jesus for the travel!
Though with that blessing comes the wee bit o' discomfort called home sickness and road weary.

I'm so glad to be home for the day.
You heard me right.
The day.

I'm preparing to turn around in one day ( Ahhhhh!!!!) to be back on set.

No complaints here. I'm blessed.

This journey has been epic.

It's just. I'm a homebody at heart. Yet. Here I go.

For those of you who need an instant soothe and pick me up, try some C. O. Bigelow lotion.

 No wait. It's more like a cream that you an pump. The scent is amazing. The feel is pure comfort. It's just what I need as I snuggle into my chair, smushed between my Cub and his cat with our dog at our feet. We are going to turn all things off and watch a movie and eat what we like!

Cheers to you being with your loves, smushed into a tight space full of love and comfort with your favorite things and some lovely lotion, like this Bigelow bit to rub sore shoulders with!

Truth, I checked into the Unscripted Hotel on the beach in Monterey Bay California, and lo and behold, there were travel size bottles of C.O. Bigelow to enjoy. Awesome.
See you from the next set!
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