Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest - a summer book club read for the whole family

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 I love a good read-especially  summer book full of adventure! This story about Big Foot is perfect for a road trip read with the kids!

Check out this press release and pick up a copy for the fam today!



Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest” takes children through a beautiful, exciting journey looking for evidence of Bigfoot "

Reedsport, OR, June 14, 2016– Sara and Adam Jeffers, a husband and wife team that write under the pseudonym S.A. Jeffers, have released the first book in their highly anticipated Bigfoot Trails series.

The first book, Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest takes place in the high Cascades and salmon-filled streams of the Pacific Northwest. Each scene contains evidence of Bigfoot’s presence, from a footprint to several Bigfoots in the trees. The book is designed to help children to read while they have fun looking for evidence that Bigfoot exists. The book is available in paperback and e-book via Amazon. 

“We are excited to be able to share this book and this amazing legend with children. The story of Bigfoot dates back hundreds of years and it’s an exciting and fun way to spend time in the woods. Our book, Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest, is designed to play hide and seek with world’s reigning champion hider, Bigfoot.” – Sara Jeffers, coauthor, Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest

Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Straus, each scene shows life in the woods and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In each image, Bigfoot has left evidence of his passing, from hair to his bed. Children might even catch a glimpse of the Big “Man” himself. There is so much happening on each page that it turns into more than just a search for Bigfoot; it becomes a chance to identify many of the animals, birds, and fish that live in one of America’s most beautiful regions.

“Working with Catherine was wonderful. She saw the vision immediately then she was able to put the ideas right on the page. Catherine is as passionate about children (and Bigfoot) as we are. 
I think you and your kids will enjoy this book and you can get it as a E read or in paperback-
visit Amazon to purchase!

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