Saturday, June 4, 2016

Macadamia Oil for dry crunchy summer hair

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 Happy Saturday and Caturday to you!
I'm packing and sorting and re-packing and re-sorting getting ready to leave for Tucson. I've got a few quick videos made for you in the meantime. Enjoy!

Meet the Macadamia Oil dry shampoo and curl conditioning spray.

The spray is $25.00 on the Macadamia Oil website
A curl defining and reactivating product that leaves curls looking smooth, frizz-free and shiny. Polymers enhance curl shape, manageability and body of the hair without weigh down. Retains moisture and hydrates for greater flexibility and tensile strength. Revitalizes curl pattern between washes.
• Refreshes and increases moisture for greater tensile strength
• Defines curl pattern and provides long-lasting memory
• Defrizzes and smooths hair cuticles
• Macadamia Oil- Rich in nourishing omega 7,5 and 3 fatty acids that promote healthy hair
• Argan Oil – Rich in omega 9 fatty acid that helps to repair and strengthen hair

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