Monday, June 13, 2016

TRITON FIT on Kickstarter now - give some support!

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 I love supporting an entrepreneur that is doing something to help families, fitness and people reach healthy living goals. Please take a look and lend support to TRITON FIT!

Enter the TRITON FIT!


Portable Resistance Trainer Coming to Kickstarter
The best inventions evolve from necessity, which remains true
when it comes to TritonFit™. Weighing in at a mere 5 pounds,
the portable TritonFit™ allows you to achieve a complete gymquality
workout at your favorite scenic location, at your desk after
shamelessly devouring that Chipotle burrito or at home while your
kids cheer you on.
With TritonFit™, personal trainers can now train
their clients anywhere, and still offer gym-quality workouts. Best of
all, with the adjustable resistance ranging from 5 to 600 pounds,
it’s perfect for everyone from newbies to hardcore fitness junkies.
No need to confine your workouts to the gym any longer – with
TritonFit™ the world is your gym. It’s super portable, so you can
take it to the beach, to your kids’ soccer game or to an expansive
vista overlooking your city. As an added bonus to the workout
itself, exercising amongst nature is proven to reduce stress, and
we all need to do that!
The population is growing fast, metropolitan cities are growing by
10% each year, and we’re living in increasingly smaller places.
Perfect for those with limited space at home or in the office,
TritonFit™ is so compact, you can store it on a coat hanger in your
closet— yet despite its compact size, it’s capable of giving you a
total gym-quality workout wherever you are.
With its unique standalone design, TritonFit™ doesn’t need to
attach to anything! In fact, it uses your own body as the anchor
point, so your core is always activated and your exercises have
twice the effect on your body, maximizing your efforts.
We’re Mark Indigaro and Robert Scott, and we’ve worked tirelessly
on the concept, design, and testing of TritonFit™. We’re super
excited to announce that our prototype results were amazing and
testing exceeded our expectations and we’re ready for production.
As busy parents and full- time professionals in the film business,
our vision is clear and we can’t wait to bring this enjoyable new
workout experience to the rest of the world. Everyone wants
exciting new fitness activity in their life. That’s where you come in!
Help us share this product and bring happiness to your workout.
We have laid the foundation and completed the hard work, and
are soon launching our Kickstarter campaign to fund our initial
production run. Please subscribe to our supporters list and we’ll
notify you when our campaign launches. Also, please follow our
journey across our social media pages.
Thanks in advance for your support! Together we can cut gym
costs, bring people back to nature, save time, apartment walls and
door jams — all while getting a great workout — all while having a
fun workout experience.
TritonFit™ Your Gym, Anywhere.

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