Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Fall Hair Trends from Johnathan Breitung

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
October is here - and it's time to update your look and be Fall ready for photos and celebrations!
Personally, I'm working my way darker in my hair color and then getting a cut in a few weeks. This final short cut will get all of the damaged hair off from my last bout with my thyroid and meds.  I like long hair and will start growing it out again!

Now, here's a guest post from Chicago's top stylists, Johnathan Breitung! Enjoy!

New season, new hair! Start the season off right with one of fall’s newest hair trends featuring dramatic chops, healthy healing cuts and cool statement looks. Here is a must see list of the top 5 fall hair trends to keep an eye out for from Johnathan Breitung, owner of Chicago’s Johnathan Breitung Salon and Luxury Spa:
1.       The Right-For-Your-Texture Cut: Anyone can air dry their hair and have it look like it was purposely styled that way, but the hair must be cut in the correct way that compliments the hair’s texture. Getting a cut that requires little to no styling will create healthy, beautiful hair.,80/1519086/image.jpg
2.       Sleek Bob: This fall, why not try out a dramatic chop? A sleek bob gives off a confident vibe that not only looks effortless, but is easy to maintain. By lopping off the dead ends, a one-length bob gives hair a healthy and fresh start.  
3.       Double Bun Updo: The trendy double bun updo has suddenly rose in popularity as it is both eye catching and easy to style. The messy bun duo works well with both short and long hair, whether its straight or curly. This style will keep hair out of the way for fun and messy fall activities like pumpkin carving.
4.       Make Waves: Embrace the easy alternative to straightening or blowdrying this fall. Making waves by letting the hair fall naturally from a late night shower or over night braids is the way to go this upcoming season. A texturizing spray will help create the effortless natural waves, for an easy and quick morning routine.
5.       Airy Bangs: Bangs can create a new overall look and can always be relied on to make a bold style statement. This fall, it is all about the fun and flirty airy bang. Airy bangs also work well paired with long layers. Giving off a soft vibe, the longer bang will look stylish peaking out from fall hats and blowing in the crisp fall breeze.

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