Monday, October 3, 2016

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish for Fall manicures that rock!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday! Hello October! Welcome darker and richer colors for the Fall season. Oh and maybe a bit of rock n roll looks too? These metallic/chrome like polishes from  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish are just what you need for this season.

 I received these samples and three are colors and one is the special top coat that cures it on to the nail without using an LED light. Which I like. I have two LED lights, one for individual fingers and then one for the whole hand and frankly, it's too hard to get off!

 This Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish is called Game of Chromes #149 and is a Step 1 polish.
It has a "chrome" like look if you are following along with nail trends and is going to be perfect for upcoming holiday party manicures.
 This Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish is called Stilettos&Studs #839 and is a gorgeous dark grey color - I've been wearing this since I got it!

 This Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish is called Rock On #839 and is a silvery color that also has a chrome look to it and a bit of fleck in the color giving it added dimension. Gorgeous!

All three of these colors are Step 1 and then you use the black bottle, which is the Top Coat #101 to seal the colors on with the trick being to swipe a bit of polish sideways or horizontally across the edge of your nail tip.

Find these at mass retailers nationwide and you can learn more on the website
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