Thursday, October 27, 2016

BCA with Saje Natural Wellness Floral crystal fresh deodorant

Hi ya Gorgeous,

The PinkTober month is coming to the close and as it does, I want to remind you that breast cancer awareness is more than just a month's a life style. 

Saje Natural Wellness Floral Crysal Fresh Deodorant  is just what you need to help breach your summer anti perspirants to a winter deodorant.

I live in a very hot, very dry climate and there is no way , I mean, no way, that I can use a deodorant in the summer unless I am boing to be around  no one, or always be near a personal bird bath to wash my stinky armpints in .

For those wo want to practice safe and clean hygiene, with respect to being paraben free body products, especially on the lymph node system, please consider Saje.

I've used it for 3 days, it's been an avereage cool day of 90 degrees- wich is actually high for October in my Arizona,  it's been hot.

Thins to know, it's been a great and effective natural beodorant and I feel good about using it for the next couple of moths.   For those living with and healing with breast cancer and chemo, consider using this brand, Saje, it's effective and afordable. you can do it!

Remember, BCA, breast cancer awareness is not just a month, it's a lifestyle.  Something that if you practice daily and monthly, could help save a life! Like yours!!!

 These are about $13.95 and available on the website here
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