Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Yom Kippur and 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I'm Christian and follow the feasts and high holy days that are listed in my Bible - such as a day of atonement which is better known as Yom Kippur. It's an important day to fast and reflect.

Yom Kippur is "the tenth day of [the] seventh month" (Tishrei) and is regarded as the "Sabbath of Sabbaths". Rosh Hashanah (referred to in the Torah as Yom Teruah) is the first day of that month according to the Hebrew calendar. On this day forgiveness of sins is also asked of God.

To help me in my fasting, I'm doing some deep cleansing of my skin with this 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud.

These little satchets are powerful and affordable while being easy to get at mass retailers like Wal-Mart for about a dollar! 

Talk about perfect for travel, having on hand at home, and gift giving! Funny, I have had so many great products come to Makeup University lately that would be so perfect for Christmas giving!

I love these and use them. You should too!


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