Monday, January 9, 2017

How to wear Pantone Greenery - use Tools of Titans- and the Golden Globes - oh my!

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Happy Monday to you! Are you ready for an amazing week? I sure am!

In this week's digest I have a video on how to wear the Pantone color of the year, Greenery. I introduce you to the best "new year new you" product for your health and share my new fave read for the year.

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 So, how about the Golden Globes? I'm so overwhelmed with putting my own film together that I did not have time to watch the show. Plus, these days, all of the highlights happen live on Twitter and end up on YouTube so it's not really pertinent to sit and watch live and in person.

Kudos and congratulations to Best Actress winner Viola Davis who is slaying the red carpet in this yellow gown!
I really love to go to the theater and to take my son, though lately, it is so expensive, usually runs us near $100 to go, that we only go unless it's a super mega big deal film that we both want to see on a big screen, like Rogue One.  That's ironic to me as I am working on a feature film with a day and date release before going to SVOD.  Fingers are crossed and intentions are high that there is so much family value to the film that the average family of 4 will be able to go and feel good about committing their time and dollars to do so!

Now let's get into the video topics: beauty - health - mind!

The first segment is beauty and I show you some affordable drugstore as well as a department store makeup that could get you a Pantone Greenery complimentary look!

The products featured  are:
L'Oreal infallible eye shadow #335 Golden Emerald
Rimmel London #250 Emerald Sparkle
Palladio shadow & liner in olive
Lancome Vert lip gloss in #386

Then we step into the HEALTH section of the video
The Organic Pharmacy Liver & Kidney Tincture, this has been featured on Makeup University before, though it's just so good I had to include again. Read that full story here.

For t he MIND...

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris , this book is not a read through page by page book, it truly is a tool to pick up and use in any section that you need help in. Plus, it's funny and practical. I'm loving mine and have read most of it and now I am going back through and picking the pieces that I need to learn the most from. Get one, you won't be sorry that you did!

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