Thursday, January 12, 2017

Top 3 things you need to tote around this year with Girls Knock Life Tote

Hi ya Gorgeou!
The first month of the year is almost half way in - how ya doing on your goals? Are you checking the list twice and doing something daily to get towards your goals? Don't go easy on you! you can do it! When it gets tough, keep going!

To be prepared this season, you may want to have these 5 things in your tote bag: wait, need a new tote bag?  Get this one from Girls Knock Life!

Now put these 3 items in your tote and get ready to conquer your fears and get your dreams!

1. Phone charger battery pack and a plug in with cord

Put this in a ziploc bag or an old makeup bag, but most of all, don't get caught with no juice on your phone just when you need to make or receive an important phone call, text, or respond to an email right away! I recommend bringing one wee charged battery and a plug in with cord with you at all times. Why? Because you just never know!
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2. Collapsible Water Flask with filter
You need to drink water if you want to keep your brain hydrated and thoughts moving. Drink water for good looking skin and hair! How do you know if you are drinking enough water? Take your body weight, and divide it by 2, then whatever that number is, drink it in ounces of water. Example: Weight 150 / 2= 75 ounces!

This flask is amazing and a must have for the whole family. It collapses. It has a filter in the neck so you can refill it with tap water and it's incredibly sturdy. So no excuse saying you don't want to lug around a bulky water bottle. Fill it. Drink it. Stuff it in your bag. Easy peasy!

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3. A red lip - whether you pack a red lip liner or red lipstick, the one item that will take you from work to play in your makeup is a deep lip tone. I'm a rabid fan of the Burt's Bees brand due to their commitment to healthy cosmetics - the pigment load is high in the crayon and it's moisturizing too!
Find Burt's Bees at mass retailers nationwide or online at Amazon here

Now, these 3 key items in your bag are going to take you far this year! Remember to get your new tote bag from Girls Knock Life here!

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