Thursday, January 12, 2017

Power of Routine with Girls Knock Life for Daily Gratitude

Hi ya Gorgeous,
New year or not, no matter how your resolutions are or are not going , one simple go to trick to help get yourself on track and that is the power of routine!

Nothing fancy! Nothing complicated or hard! A simple five minute gratitude session with a good cup of coffee will do you good! Plus, it will help train yourself to start the day grateful and hopeful.

First, get a great coffee mug and coffee. Like this inspiration mug from Girls Knock Life

It's important to surround yourself in a positive environment with positive people! Don't know any? Then you be the one who starts the chain reaction of kindness!

Next, get a great coffee. It's an indulgence for me, though once a month I splurge on Lavazza coffee. I met this brand while traveling through Italy and it has stayed with me since!

Find it in your local grocery or get it from Amazon here

Tony Robbins focuses on fulfillment over achievement.  The point is to enjoy the journey.  He’s seen too many people that achieved great things, but weren’t fulfilled.
The key to fulfillment is gratitude.  And, an interesting thing about gratitude is that you can’t feel fear while you’re feeling extreme gratitude.

Tony Robbins provides several prompts to help you feel deep appreciation and start thinking of what you might be grateful for:
  • Who do you love?
  • Who loves you?
  • What is the wealth you have currently in your life – technology? choices? friends? books? ideas? opportunities?
  • What’s right in your life?
  • What’s beautiful?
  • What’s magical?

Tony Robbins shares a few mantras you might use:
  • All I need is within me now.
  • All the joy I need is within me now.
  • All the love I need is within me now.
Speak what you want to become.  Speak with certainty and intensity.

I attended several Tony Robbins events years ago and these stuck with me, and when i feel stuck, I go back to them!


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