Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Will Girls Knock Life impact you?

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I am always on the hunt and look out for those things that will help edify and encourage a woman, no matter her age. I think it's important to keep a positive mental attitude as well as surround yourself with encouraging and upbeat people and reminders!

Meet, Girls Knock Life !

A collection of life lessons, encouragement, resources and fun girly stuff to shop for.
Their mission statement is:

Women Empowering Women

GKL's (Girls Knock Life) mission is to provide women with a judgement free resource that will help make their lives less stressful by providing tips, tricks, ideas and support for their mind, body and spirit at work, at home or at play!  Being a woman in society today is having to measure up and deal with social pressure, kids, and keeping up with work demands.  Girls Knock Life provides a place which keeps women in tune with tips and hints that can make these stressors a little more bearable.

Goodies to get for yourself and your loved ones include shirts, totes, coffee mugs and more!
Visit the Girls Knock Life shop here!

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