Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Exotics by Gurunanda - Jasmine Kiss - for summer fragrance and aromatherapy on the go

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Tuesday to you - from me - and the extreme heat of Arizona. My goodness, it went from normal to bake you at 450 degrees on the way from the house to the car. Forget even touching the steering wheel!

I just got home from a trip and it was a wonderful surprise to find this waiting for me! The Exotics by Gurunanda in Jasmine Kiss is available at Gurunanda's website or on Amazon 

I got started with this brand when a year ago I received a sample bottle of their minty oil pulling  oil. Whoa. Is that ever an oral health game changer! I've been hooked on Gurunanda since!

This lil bottle of goodness provides a heady aroma of floral scent. I love it! If you want personal fragrance that is not synthetic, this could be for you. There are no GMO's in the processing of the oil so this product is safe for the whole family and those healing through illness.

The aromatherapeutic properties of jasmine can be used for helping easing the symptoms of depression, migraines and relaxing nerves and muscle spasms.

Here is some info from the Gurunanda website - enjoy and pick some up for the summer!

Jasmine Kiss Roll-On Essential Oil Blend Benefits:

  • Warming, Relaxing
  • Emotionally Healing
  • Arousing, Sweet
  • Intense Floral
The GuruNanda Jasmine-Kiss Exotic Essential Oil Roll-On Blend is made with 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade oils sourced From Farm To You™.
An intense floral oil, sourced from the ancient, exotic city of Madurai. Indian Jasmine Sambac is known as the 'King of Flower' and often inspires feelings of euphoric love and joy. Traditionally, Jasmine Essential Oil has been used to open the heart to love, lift the spirits, and dispel anxiety. Jasmine Essential Oil is usually used to help soothe feelings of depression.
A unique twist on Jasmine Essential Oil, the Jasmine-Kiss Roll-On can be diffused in an essential oil diffuser or simply applied on the pulse points on the wrists to bring light and happy feelings to your day.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: GuruNanda guarantees that every drop of our Jasmine Essential Oil Blend is 100% pure and natural. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you with your money back - No Questions Asked!

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