Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wine Wednesday: What Kind of Wine Can You Get at Dollar General?

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
 Woot woot! It's Wednesday! You know what that means this summer on MakeupUniversity time!
This has been a fun series to do while my son has been away on a road trip and at aviation camp.

 So today's wine review has a funny story to it and I tell it in the video. Now what's coming up next is a review of the BeRad lashes and the cleaner kit that came with them. Stay tuned for that and for now, enjoy the video!

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Today I have a wine review and it just might be the best yet. Why? Is it because it's a super high point fine rare vintage wine. Nope. Better.

Watch the video and enjoy! If you have a recommendation for a great $10 and under - please comment below! I just may review your suggestion!


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