Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Road Trip with Makeup University

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Tuesday from a road trip through the state of Arizona. Thankfully, Prescott is not as hot as home! It's filled with lots of pine trees, and my son's summer camp and boulders!

Today I have a video tour of the beginning of the trip. I highly recommend our lunch spot The Barley Hound and I so wish we would have known ahead of time that there was a bluegrass festival going on! We caught the last two songs of the event and missed out on buying fresh kettle corn!

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This summer, MakeupUniversity posts are all over the road. Literally. The fam is traveling and I have a wee report from the road.

Next up - a review of some new eyelashes that just came in. So excited to try BeRad!

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